What you need to know about the Las Vegas strip’s first night of free tickets for Sunday, Oct. 4

A massive line of people is expected to line up at the door of the Las Vegas Hilton this weekend to get their hands on free admission to the strip’s free night, Oct 4.

The $50,000-a-ticket event will feature an all-star lineup, a DJ set and a midnight show.

There will be plenty of people at the front of the line, with the average person estimated to be over six feet tall and weighing between 230 and 245 pounds, according to a report from the Las Vega News.

The line has been estimated to start at 5 p.m.

Saturday at the MGM Grand, with some areas opening at 10 p.n.t.

The Las Vegas Strip has a total of 20,000 slot machines in use, with over 400,000 in use each night, according the Las Vegas News.

“It’s going to be one of the most crowded nights on record,” Las Vegas Police Sgt. Tom Fortunato said.

“There’s a lot of excitement and people are going to want to see the show.”

It’s unclear when exactly the Las vegas Hilton will open the doors to the line.

There are currently no plans to open the Hilton until the event has been completed.

“We’ve had reports of people waiting in the line all day, so I think it’s a good idea to get a little bit of closure as well,” Fortunatello said.