Why the Disneyland Magic Kingdom Ticket Prices Are So Outrageous

Ticket prices for Disney World’s newest attractions are so out of whack that even Disneyland security guards have been asked to buy a ticket.

The parks spokesperson, Michael Bockelman, told The Wall Street Journal that the ticket price is a function of the number of tickets in use.

Bockelmann said he was unaware of a specific incident when he first noticed the ticket prices were so high, but that he has been seeing similar ticket prices at other Disney theme parks.

He said he does not believe the price was the result of the recent mass shooting at the Orlando-area gay nightclub Pulse, where 49 people were killed, including six children.

A lot of the prices are very reasonable and I’m not going to speculate as to why the price is that high.

The Wall St Journal reported that the price of a Disneyland ticket is $59.99, a 25 percent price hike over the last year, while at Disneyworld, the average price for a ticket was $49.99.