The most expensive tickets in the MLB season, as of July 30

6:22 PM ET Wed, 7 July 2018 | 04:28:06 The price of a Mets ticket is the most expensive in the major leagues this season, according to a new study.

In terms of per-game ticket prices, the Mets have the highest average price, at $2,092, which comes in second behind the Yankees’ $2.943 per game average, according a report by StubHub.

The average price of all the MLB teams, meanwhile, is $2 at $5,931 per game, according the study by the online ticket aggregator SeatGeek.

That’s the highest per-team average price in MLB history, and up from $1,852 per game last year.

The report comes as MLB has seen record attendance levels, with average ticket prices up 14.5% from last season, including a 10% increase in the Mets market.

This comes as fans continue to demand more out of baseball.

Last year, the average ticket price for a game at Citi Field went up by more than $200 per game to $2.,971.

The most popular tickets for a Mets home game are the home opener (5,000) and the second game (3,000), but fans can also purchase season tickets at Covington Field ($9.50), Shea Stadium ($10.25), Marlins Park ($9), Camden Yards ($8.50) and Camden Yards (8.75).

The average cost per game in 2018 is the second highest of any MLB market, behind only the Mets, according StubHub’s study.

The Mets, meanwhile have a winning record, going 29-9 with a 4.67 ERA this season.

The New York Yankees have a 7-6 record, with a 3.70 ERA.

The Cleveland Indians are 15-13 with a 2.84 ERA.