Five stars and a bad deal for Saints fans, and the NFL’s new plan for their futures

The NFL’s collective bargaining agreement will allow players and teams to opt out of the union if they want to.

But for some, the idea of that option is the biggest issue facing NFL fans and players this season.

Saints fans can opt out for a variety of reasons, including if they have not made a minimum of $3,000 in salary for the season.

For some, it means they are forced to sell their season tickets.

And for those who are willing to sell the seats, they can only make $2,500 in that first year of the contract. 

The league’s collective-bargaining agreement allows for teams to take such a drastic step if they believe it is in the best interest of their franchise.

This year, the Saints were the only NFL team to opt in to the new CBA.

But some NFL owners were unhappy with the change and some felt the team was not ready for the change.

Saints owner Tom Benson said in a statement that the decision was a hard one, but ultimately the players were the ones who had the best interests of their players at heart.

“The owners, coaches and players have had a good relationship and understanding for some time,” Benson said.

“They are the ones that have made the decisions to go forward and keep our team in New Orleans.”

“As I said at the time, this was a difficult decision for all parties involved and I’m pleased the decision is now final,” said Rams owner Stan Kroenke, who had a similar position.

“We had a tremendous relationship, a great team, a winning team.

This was a team decision.

And we’re happy it’s now final.”

While many owners are happy that the league is giving the option to players, there are still some owners who are worried about how the union will affect them.

The NFLPA is not expected to sign the union until 2020, but a change in the league’s CBA could be looming.

The league could have the opportunity to change the union after 2020, or allow it to expire after 2020.

This is a change that would benefit players and fans in the short term, but it would also benefit the league in the long run.

The union will require players to make minimum salary of $750,000 for the first two years of the deal, which is what most players made in 2015.

Players would be able to make a maximum of $1 million for the next two years and would be required to make $1.75 million per year after that.

This would be a big increase for players who made less in 2015 and 2016 than they did last year.

The new CAA also requires the union to provide for a minimum salary increase for the 2018-19 season.

That increase is set to be $200,000, but that amount could change depending on how the league evaluates the salaries of players in 2018-2019. 

This is a major change from what the NFLPA was asking for last year, and many players and owners are concerned it could affect the league.

Players’ representatives have not been able to agree on a new deal, but they do not have the leverage they had last year and have been trying to reach an agreement.

Many players are still hopeful that the union can be renegotiated after 2020 and the league can allow the players to play again in 2020.