You can now get cheap flights on cheap tickets on AirAsia.

The carrier has confirmed that tickets for cheap AirAsia flights will now be available from the airline’s website on the cheap flight ticket website, which is a “new” service.

According to the carrier, the service will now also be available on its online booking system, which can also be used for domestic flights.

The carrier also confirmed that it will be introducing new booking options in addition to the cheapest flight tickets.

“We have partnered with AirAsia to offer discounted flights for our customers to use on the cheaper flight booking website,” said AirAsia’s Chief Executive Officer of Business, Richard Yip.

“This means that, for example, AirAsia customers can now book cheap flights from the cheaper airline on our booking system.”

These options include, but are not limited to, domestic flights on domestic flights from Sydney to New York, domestic tickets on domestic airlines, and international tickets on international flights from Hong Kong to Dubai.

“”This new service will make it easier for AirAsia members to book their tickets and is expected to provide our members with better customer service and the ability to book cheap AirAsteria flights,” he added.

AirAsia’s new service is expected in early February.