Which MLB teams should you watch for the first time this year?

The first MLB games of the season are set to begin on Sunday and there are plenty of ways to get in on the action.

From the top down, you can watch the first two weeks of the AFL-NFL merger with ESPN and watch the NHL.

You can also check out the NFL on CBS and watch ESPN’s Sunday Night Football on Sunday night.

But there are some games that are just too good to pass up.

Here are our top picks for the most compelling games of 2018 so far.1.

Cleveland Indians vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, 5 p.m.

ETSaturday: The Cleveland Indians will be looking to bounce back from a 6-2 loss to the Dodgers in which they fell behind in the fourth inning.

After being shutout in their first two games, the Indians are coming off a 4-2 win over the Tampa Bay Rays, and they will need a rally from the pitching in order to pull off a win.

If they can keep the Dodgers at bay, the win should be enough to earn them a spot in the playoffs.2.

Chicago White Sox vs. New York Yankees, 6:10 p.y.

Saturday: After a 1-1 start, the White Sox are inching closer to the top of the American League Central.

They will be hoping that the return of Chris Sale will help them, and if the Yankees can get back to their winning ways, they could have a very good chance of making it to the postseason.3.

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Boston Red Sox, 6 p.t.

Saturday, NBCSN: It will be interesting to see if the Red Sox are able to find their stride, especially with the addition of Josh Johnson.

They struggled against the Red Starters on Tuesday, and the Red Wings could be able to get back on track with a win against the Blue Jays.4.

Kansas City Royals vs. Chicago Cubs, 7 p.p.m., MLB Network: The Royals will be in their home stadium, Kauffman Stadium, for their first game since June 30, when they were knocked out in seven innings by the Cubs.

The Royals had a tough time beating the Indians in their last game, a 6.2-inning loss.

The last time the Royals lost by seven runs was a four-game sweep of the Rangers in 2009.5.

Toronto Yankees vs. Washington Nationals, 7:15 p.o.

Saturday, Fox Sports 1: The Yankees will be playing at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., for the second straight season.

If the Nationals can overcome the injuries that have cost them three games in a row, they will be able have a great shot at making the postseason and winning the World Series.6.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays vs. Miami Marlins, 7.5 p..m.-10 p,m., Fox Sports Florida: The Devil Rays have the opportunity to get revenge on the Miami Marlins for their last-second loss in the first game of the 2018 season.

After a 4.2 innings defeat to the Marlins in mid-June, the Devil Rays will look to take full advantage of their opportunities.

If Miami can’t get back into the game, it will be a good chance for the Devil Raiders to make the postseason for the third straight season and sweep the Marlins for the seventh consecutive season.7.

Los Angles Angels vs. Houston Astros, 7, a.m.–11 a. m., Fox Soccer: This is going to be an interesting game.

It will come down to two teams who are trying to make their mark on the league.

The Angels have the potential to make a push in the Western Conference this season, but the Astros will be trying to regain some form of relevance after being swept in their opening two games.8.

Colorado Rockies vs. Toronto White Sox, 7 a.M.–11:30 a.

M., Fox Baseball: The Rockies will be at Rogers Centre in Toronto for the start of the MLB season.

They are coming into the season as one of the worst teams in baseball, but they will look for a good start.

They have to be on top of their game if they want to stay in the race.9.

Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Marlins, 8:30 p.M., Fox MLB: The Marlins have been a disaster this season.

However, they can make up for that by beating the Twins.

They lost their opening game against the Rangers and have been struggling since then.

If it comes down to the last game of this series, the Marlins have a shot.10.

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Oakland Athletics, 8 p.r.m.; Fox Sports Arizona: The Diamondbacks have a chance to make it to spring training this season with a sweep of Arizona.

They also have a big game in Anaheim on Saturday against the Ducks.11.

Oakland A’s vs. Minnesota Wild, 9 p.l., Fox College Sports: The A