When you have the money to buy a dolly

Tickets are selling fast at Dollywood.

The Hill’s Doug Andresen reports that the mall is selling a limited number of $5 tickets for the first three days of the show on Tuesday.

More than 400,000 tickets were sold on Friday.

The first day sold out in the first 24 hours.

Mall officials are hoping to have enough tickets available to meet demand.

Tickets for Dollywoods first day are $5 and can be purchased online or by phone.

If you are looking for a good price, check out our list of the Top 10 Best Dolly Woods Tickets at Dollies.

The Hill’s Andrew Harrer reports that some tickets are available for sale on the website at Dolls.

The tickets can be bought online or at the Dolls box office.

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TheHill’s Doug Andrews reports that in addition to the regular sale, the mall will offer a limited amount of merchandise for sale during the DollyWoods opening day.

For more information on DollyWOODS, visit dollywoods.com