When is it time to book your ticket for Greyhound Bus?

When you book your Greyhound bus ticket, you can expect to pay up to €20, which can get you a seat.

But the best way to get that €20 back is to get your ticket scanned and put in a wallet.

The €20 you pay on the bus ticket is a small amount compared to the €250 you could have saved by buying a ticket on-line, but there’s nothing stopping you from getting a €100-€200 voucher.

To find out if you can buy a Greyhound ticket, click here.

Tickets sold at a time Greyhound will be selling a limited number of tickets to try and lure more people into paying on-demand tickets.

Tickets can also be bought online at the Ticketmaster website.

But if you want a ticket to Greyhound, you’ll have to buy the ticket online, so it’s best to do that before you book. 

When to book the Greyhound buses? 

You can book a Greyhounds flight from the airport to the hotel at least once a week. 

If you want to book a full-day Greyhound service from the hotel to the airport, you have to book it at least three days in advance, and book it in advance at least twice a week to avoid waiting in line at the airport. 

How long does the Greyhound service last? 

The Greyhound fleet will depart from the terminal in approximately 12 hours, from 06:00 to 19:00. 

Greyhound trains will leave the airport in about three hours, and return from the main terminal in about five hours. 

What’s included in a Greyhill ticket? 

A €20 Greyhound fare is included in the €20 fee for every passenger.

You also get a €50 voucher which can be used on a variety of Greyhound services. 

Is it worth buying a Grey Hounds ticket?

 Yes, if you’re looking for a full service, a €20 ticket is the best option, and you can save up to 80% on the €200 fare if you book online. 

You’ll need to book at least two consecutive days in order to get the €50 bonus, so you should book at the earliest opportunity. 

It’s worth considering that a lot of the Greyhill fares can be booked on the day, as the airport is often busy with visitors, and most people stay at least one day in the hotel before they go to Greyhill. 

Do you need a GreyHounds voucher? 

Yes, you need to be a Grey Hound customer in order for the €100 discount to apply. 

Can you use the €500 Greyhound voucher to buy a hotel room? 

No, you don’t have to pay the €5,000 hotel tax, which will cover the cost of accommodation, and the €25 bus fare, which covers the bus ride to the GreyHound terminals. 

Are Greyhound tickets good for online bookings? 

It depends on whether you want the voucher or the ticket for the Grey Hund.

If you’re using the Grey hund, the voucher will work as a ticket. 

Why do you charge €50 more for the ticket?

When you buy a ticket online at Ticketmaster, the discount is applied directly to the price of the ticket.

So if you buy the Grey Hound tickets at €50, you’re getting €50 off the price. 

The difference between the discount and the ticket price is €20. 

Does Greyhound charge me extra for getting the hotel discount? 

When you book a booking online at Greyhound.com, you will be charged €50 on your first booking, which means you’ll pay €60 in additional fees on top of the €30 Greyhound discount. 

In addition, you pay a €25 processing fee when you register your booking online, and €25 per booking on the phone. 

I’ve booked a Grey Horse Bus ticket and it’s sold out, but I don’t want to pay €50 extra.

Can I cancel the booking? 

If the booking has already been placed and you have not made your payment, you won’t be able to cancel the Greyhorse bus tickets. 

So, if I want to cancel my booking, I have to make sure I pay for the booking online.

Can Greyhound take away the hotel? 

Greyhounds hotels are a lot like a regular hotel, so they can’t take away your Greyhorns ticket.

However, if there’s a problem with the hotel, Greyhills can refuse to provide a refund, so there’s no guarantee that you won: a) get a hotel refund if you’ve booked Greyhound before. 

b) get an accommodation voucher to the next hotel you book at. c) cancel a booking at the Grey Horse station. 

Which hotels are available in Dublin? 

For a list of hotels available