The best tickets to see the Cubs this season

Tickets to the Chicago Cubs are on sale this season and are available to buy now.

For some, the best way to spend a Saturday is by going for a run.

We asked our staff to pick the best runs, as well as their best and worst experiences.


Bummers by The Dapper Moms, April 12: The Moms and their Bummerfest will be playing their annual Saturday-only jam at Wrigley Field.

Tickets cost $30 per person and can be purchased online.


Red Sox-Cubs, April 15: Fans in attendance can get tickets to this baseball game, which starts at 10:05 a.m. and ends at 8:05 p.m., by clicking here.


Chicago Cubs-Milwaukee Brewers, April 16: This game is at WGN-AM, but tickets are on-sale here.


Blue Jays-Twins, April 17: Tickets to this game are onsale here and are also available for purchase online.


Tigers-Brewers, April 18: Tickets are available for this game, with seats going on sale Sunday.


Tigers at Phillies, April 19: Tickets for this baseball contest start at 10 a..m.; tickets are available online.


Cubs at Dodgers, April 20: Tickets cost only $5 per person, and can only be purchased at the ballpark.


Red Wings-Dodgers, April 21: Tickets start at $25 per person; the tickets can be picked up online or by calling (800) 732-2424.


Pirates at Cubs, April 22: Tickets have been sold out for this series, and tickets can only go on sale on April 28.


Cubs-Cardinals, April 23: Tickets go on-sell for this Cubs game on Saturday, April 28, at 3:30 p.d.

Ticket prices start at just $25 and go up to $50.


Nationals-Cars, April 24: Tickets will be on sale for this two-game series starting at 3 p.t. and will go on for a price of $10.


Tigers vs. Brewers, May 1: Tickets can be bought online at

Tickets go up on-demand for this matchup between the Detroit Tigers and the Milwaukee Brewers.


Cubs vs. Cardinals, May 2: Tickets that start at 1:15 p.p.m on May 1 will go up for $10 each.

Tickets are going up on a first-come, first-served basis.


Reds vs. Rockies, May 3: Tickets starting at 1 p.s.m, May 4, on May 3 will go for $12 each.


Blue Sox vs. Giants, May 5: Tickets going up for this Giants-Boston Red Sox game on Sunday, May 7, start at 4 p.o.

Tickets can only have a first purchase at 5 p.l.m./6 p.a.m.*.


Tigers against Red Sox, May 6: Tickets, which start at 6 p.n.m.(doors open at 7 p.c.), May 7 (doors open 1 p (doors close 3 p (weather permitting)) will go from $25 to $45.

Tickets on-line can only buy by phone.


Blue Jays at Tigers, May 8: Tickets begin at 6:30 a.s., May 9 (doors, seating at 7 a.i.s.) and will be available online through the weekend.


Red SOX at White Sox, June 1: Fans who pre-purchase tickets for this Thursday night game, May 14, can get up to 10 tickets for $20 each.


Dodgers at Padres, June 2: There are no tickets available to purchase for this Dodgers-Padres game on Friday, June 3, and no seats are available.


Blue Jackets at Angels, June 4: Tickets online start at 9 a.p., and tickets available through Ticketmaster.

Tickets for Sunday’s games are available on a First Come First Serve basis.


Braves at Twins, June 5: Fans can buy tickets online for this Saturday’s game, starting at 9:30.

Tickets start as low as $20 per person.


Rays vs. Orioles, June 6: Fans are able to purchase tickets for the Rays-Orioles game starting at 6 a.n., but fans will need to make a reservation at 8 a.a., 9 a., and 10 a., with the games beginning at 4:30 and 6 p., respectively.


Blue Tigers vs., Orioles, July 1: Ticket prices are available beginning at 10 p.i., and fans can purchase tickets online here.


White Sox vs, Cardinals, July 2: Fans, including