How to get tickets to the new movie steamboat lift movie theater in Lakewood, CO

The steamboat ride at the new Lakewood Theater.

The theater is scheduled to open later this year.

The steam boat ride at a new Lakeview theater.

Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images/iStockphoto.articleThe Lakewood theater is a new movie theater that’s scheduled to debut later this spring in Lakeview, a suburb of Denver.

It’ll feature a steamboat and its owners, SeaTac and the Lakewood City Council, in a ride that features a water slide, a fire boat and a horse.

The Lakewood Times reports the theater will open to the public June 25.

A Lakewood city council member said it was a huge boost for Lakewood residents, who will be able to watch a new film on a water park and enjoy a film festival in a movie theater.

“The lake is great and Lakewood has a lot of people that love Lakewood,” Councilman Joe DiMasi said.

“Lakewood is getting more and more important, and that’s something that’s really exciting for us.”