How to get cheap Amtrak tickets in NYC

Amtrak tickets are cheap to buy in NYC, but they’re also cheap to get in the country.

While the cheapest tickets available are the cheapest at the Amtrak stations in the Big Apple, the cheapest ones available to buy at the airport in NYC are also cheap. 

The best and cheapest Amtrak tickets for NY, NYC, NY, NJ, NY/NJ, NJ/PA, NJ and PA are the same as the best and most expensive ones available in NJ and NY/NY. 

What’s the cheapest Amtrak ticket in NYC?

The cheapest Amtrak station tickets in the city are: Amtrak stations are listed in order of the cheapest ticket price: The train from New York City to Boston or New Jersey is the cheapest. 

How to get Amtrak tickets on the train from NY City to New Jersey or NJ/NY? 

For the cheapest train ticket in NY, you can buy it on the Amtrak platform in the station.

The ticket will cost $6.50, and the ticket booth will be at the back of the train. 

For NJ, NJ or PA, you’ll need to buy it at the train station ticket booth at the entrance to the station, or at the station ticket desk. 

You can buy a train ticket on the platform, and if you’re going to New York, you will need to show ID to buy a ticket. 

If you’re traveling to NJ/Pleasantville, you must show your ID to board the train, and you will have to show your ticket on your ticket to board. 

A ticket is valid for two people. 

When do Amtrak trains leave New York? 

When you board the New York subway, the train will stop at the Manhattan station and the train driver will ask you to show identification.

If you don’t have identification, you are asked to leave the train and wait for the next train.

When you board a train in NJ/NJ or PA/NY, you may board at the platform or the station platform. 

Where can I buy Amtrak tickets? 

You will need a ticket to buy Amtrak ticket at the NYC Amtrak station. 

There are several Amtrak stations located in New York and NJ.

The train station nearest to the train’s stop is at the end of the street, in the middle of the station’s parking lot. 

To buy Amtrak Tickets in NYC: Take the train to the nearest station.

There is a ticket vending machine in the train platform, or the ticket vending machines at the subway stations.

You can also buy tickets at the ticket booths at the entrances to the stations. 

Parking Tickets for Amtrak: You may purchase a parking ticket at one of the ticketing booths at each station.

If a parking station has a ticket office, they will also give you a ticket for the subway station.

To buy a parking tickets at a station, you need to present your ticket in a ticket machine or vending machine. 

Note: Tickets purchased at the Ticket Office at the MTA, or from the MTA vending machines, may only be used for Amtrak trains.

You will need your ticket number and your name to use the ticket machine.

You do not need to give your name. 

Please note: If you’re buying a ticket at a subway station, it will be valid for a maximum of 90 minutes. 

Amtrak Tickets for NJ/NC: Tickets purchased at an Amtrak station may be used to board an Amtrak train from the trainstation in the next station in NJ.

Tickets purchased from the subway platforms will not be valid. 

Do I need a driver to board a subway train? 

The only requirement to board Amtrak trains in New Jersey, NJ is that you must present ID and pay a fare. 

But if you are traveling to the Big Five, you do not have to get your ID, and can board the trains on your own. 

Can I purchase Amtrak tickets online? 

No, Amtrak tickets do not appear on the ticket kiosks at the stations, but you can purchase tickets online at the following online ticketing sites: Amtrak tickets at NY/New Jersey, NY Amtrak tickets from New Jersey to NY, and Amtrak tickets to NY/Pennsylvania. 

Are there any Amtrak stations that are not listed on Amtrak’s website? 

Some Amtrak stations do not list on Amtrak, and some Amtrak stations have stations that do not show up on Amtrak. 

Some stations that have no Amtrak station listings are: Bergen, New Jersey New Jersey/New York Pennsylvania Pennsylvanias Montreal, Quebec Montréal Mont-Royal Quebec Queens Quebeckers Queanamid Queenamid  Saguenay Saskatchewan Sudbury Ontario Toronto Toronto/Toronto Sydney Vancouver Vaughan Vacaville Victoria