How to get a free flight with Expedia airlines, flights and hotel deals

Expedia has offered a free two-week trip for the first time since the company was spun off from United in 2011, but travellers will still need to pay for a ticket and hotel room.

The deal comes as Expedia tries to shake up its travel strategy, which saw the airline take out a $1.3 billion convertible bond this year, but has been struggling to get passengers and profits to meet those costs.

The airline is now offering two-night stays for $300 a night, but passengers will need to take out an online reservation before the flight, which costs $3,995 a person.

The two-day round trip flight to Dubai and back from Australia will be offered to customers who pay the $3.95 fee per person.

If the cost is waived, a one-way trip to Singapore or Hong Kong will be available for $450, the company said.

Expedia said the free trip was the result of a collaboration with Singapore Airlines, which will take over the airline from United Airlines after it was spun out in 2011.

It’s not clear when the flights will be delivered, but the first flight will be from Singapore to Dubai on the same day, with the next flight to Hong Kong and Singapore on the following days.

The airline has said that it plans to introduce a loyalty program in the coming months, but that it hasn’t yet decided whether to make it free or offer it in partnership with airlines.

“This is the first step to make sure we have a great experience for our customers, but we will make our decisions based on customer feedback,” a spokesperson said.

“We’re also looking at how we can make the cost of this flight as low as possible to ensure it’s a great value.”