DJ Chappelle & co. tickets sell out in one hour as fans flock to @davechappell’s concert at Fenway Park

By Katie L. RobertsTheScore’s Christina Vojtko and Katie L, TheScore’s Matt Galloway and TheScore sports editor Matthew Larch have been live tweeting the live stream of the Boston Red Sox game between the Red Sox and the Mets on Sunday.

We had to put a hold on the live feed on Saturday because there was a fire at Fenfield Square on the way in.

We’re really sorry to say we didn’t get the whole thing, but we had to give fans the option to watch via the app and to stream on the web.

We had a great crowd, and we were hoping it would be the same as last year, when the Red Wings and Blackhawks played in the same ballpark.

We were hoping to get all the fans on the same page, but with the recent fire and the fact that we don’t have the web version of the game, we were unable to do that.

We did not get the entire live stream.

We hope fans have fun with it, but it will not be streamed to the app, either.

TheScore Boston has been live streaming the game for the last four days.

Here’s a look at the crowd and the Red Stars in Fenway Square:We’re sorry, but the live broadcast is not available to watch on the App Store.

The app is available on all major mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast, Apple Smart TV, Microsoft Xbox, Apple iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Echo, and Xbox One.

TheScore has also launched a Twitter account that will feature photos of fans who were at the game with the hashtag #DCPottsFenwayParkEvent.

If you want to follow along on Twitter, use the hashtag Boston Red Stars and then #BostonRedStarsEvent to tweet about the game.

Fans who were there for the game on Saturday and want to help out the Red Red Stars should check out the hashtag for the Red Star T-shirts, which were selling out at first, but they’ll likely be available soon.

We’ll update this post with the final ticket prices once we know more information.