‘A good year for us’: Star Trek Beyond tickets sell out in India, the US

Posted September 25, 2018 07:37:22Star Trek Beyond has been in India for almost two weeks now and, with only a few weeks to go before the release of the film in the US, fans have had plenty to look forward to.

The movie has been sold out at the cinema, theatre, bookshop and online with the ticket market in India being the most popular among the fans.

While Star Trek’s official website has had to temporarily shut down to fix a glitch with its ticketing system, it’s the online ticketing portal Indicacounts.com which is offering Star Trek tickets for a discount.

Indicacampains is the only site offering Star Treks in India at a discounted price.

The site says that it has the most recent inventory of Star Trek ticketing tickets.

According to Indicampains, they sold out of about 2,000 tickets last night and it has been selling out of tickets since midnight.

The online ticket system has been working smoothly with no downtime or problems in the last few days.

The website is currently only accepting payments at the Indicakastra.com website.

StarTrekBazaar.com is the biggest online ticket marketplace in the world and it seems that it’s taking the Star Trek franchise to the next level by offering the discounted tickets.

This means that fans who want to purchase Star Trek in India are likely to have to spend a little bit more than $50 to do so.

This is a big win for fans of the franchise, who have been waiting for the movie to be released in the United States.

The movie has to be in theatres on December 6, and the fans have been patiently waiting for this day to finally come.

Star Trek has also been getting the movie treatment at other major film festivals and, despite the movie’s delay, the movie has made a good impression.

The film’s release in the States is expected to be sometime in January.