Which airline tickets are cheapest in Asia?

Tickets for flights to China are among the cheapest in the world, according to the cheapest available data from one of the world’s largest ticket aggregators.

CheapoAir’s latest figures, which show ticket prices in Asia excluding the UK, show prices at a total of 4,832 yuan (£4,100), or £4,821.99.

The cheapest ticket is from Hong Kong to Singapore for £1345.

Cheapoair, which has a global network of over 2,000 airlines, said that its new data shows that the cheapest tickets to Hong Kong, Singapore and the US are among a small but growing group of flights that it said are now less expensive than those to China.

Cheap Chinese-only flights to Europe and the UK are cheaper than those that go to China, the airline said.

Cheaper Chinese-to-UK-only tickets are also cheaper than the cheapest Chinese-China-only ticket, the company said.

But while Chinese-passenger fares to the UK have fallen by more than 10 per cent in the last year, CheapoAir said that the cost of Chinese-bound flights to the US has fallen by almost half.

“Cheap flights to America are the cheapest, because they are the safest and have the best safety record,” Cheapoair said.

The airline said it has also found that the average price for Chinese-flights to Europe has fallen from $1,100 to $849.

Cheapskate.com said the figures showed that the best prices for Chinese tickets to Europe were in the UK and the United States, and that the US had the cheapest ticket.

Chinese-only passengers are also able to choose between cheap flights to France and Italy, the cheapest and cheapest in Europe respectively.

Cheapest Chinese- to US-only fares to France are $1.1m, $2.9m, and $4.9million, respectively.

Other countries that offer cheaper Chinese- and Chinese-style tickets are Hong Kong and the Philippines, Cheapskates said.

China is now the world leader in passenger demand, with more than one billion Chinese-language visitors a year, the highest in the developed world, it said.

The country is also the fastest-growing market for airlines, with annual growth rates of more than 25 per cent, compared with 7 per cent for the United Kingdom.