Spirit Airlines to expand service to New Zealand, Australia and US –

Spirit Airlines will expand its service to Australia, New Zealand and the US, the airline said on Wednesday.

Spirit Air has been a regular customer of the New Zealand Airservices (NZAS) system, which is operated by Australian carrier Air New Zealand.

The company said it would be providing a special service to customers in the United States, including New Zealanders and Australian travellers.

“This will be a new service for our customers and we hope to provide a wide range of service options to customers across the Americas,” the airline’s chief operating officer, Scott McNamara, said in a statement.

Mr McNamara said Spirit Air had already started booking flights in New Zealand but had been waiting for a decision from New Zealand Airways to expand its services.

NZAS said Spirit would be able to book flights between Auckland and Wellington, but would not offer any other destinations.

New Zealand is not the only country Spirit Air operates in.

It is also a member of New Zealand’s Air Transport Control Association, which regulates aviation in the country.

Other regional carriers, including Jetstar, are also planning to expand their services to New England and the South Island of New York.