How to get your tickets for the NFL season at the Phoenix Zoo

Phoenix (CNN) — Tickets for the Super Bowl are on sale at the Arizona Zoo.

And with the Super Tuesday games on the horizon, that means tickets are now up for grabs for the Arizona Cardinals, who are slated to play their first preseason game against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, September 11.

A new NFL ticket exchange website has been set up, and you can get your ticket for the Cardinals’ game at the zoo.

This site has been put together by the Arizona State University’s zoo and has been created by the team to help sell tickets.

Tickets are now available for the game from the Zoo’s ticket exchange program.

The team has been very supportive of the project and has helped promote it and provide free food for the fans to bring back home with them, according to an email sent out by the AZ State University Zoo to fans who purchased tickets.

The Arizona Cardinals have had a very positive response from the Arizona public and have been very successful in promoting the zoo in the past, and have a strong fan base.

They have a lot of fan support and are very popular with the fans.

The Phoenix Zoo is a public-private partnership between the AZ Zoo and the Arizona Department of Parks and Recreation.

The Zoo is managed by the Phoenix Metropolitan Zoo Association.

The Zoo is located at 5200 South Arizona Parkway, Suite 600, Phoenix, Arizona 85007.

For more information, visit or call (602) 927-2131.