How to buy a ticket for a family of four on American Airlines

A family of five with a child is able to take advantage of one of the biggest airline deals around, if they buy a single ticket for two adults and a child, which includes seats on both the connecting and connecting coach class.

And they’re the lucky ones.

The deal, which is available on American’s website, is a new way to book tickets on American in the United States, according to American.

The family will pay $4,865 per person for seats on American, according a press release from the airline.

The cheapest ticket is $4.00 per person, and if you buy two tickets, that number goes up to $8,860 per person.

That number includes the price of the child seat, which will be added to your final price when you buy your ticket.

You’ll get the same amount of entertainment in the coach class as you would on a regular seat on the same airline, and there will be no additional fees for the child seats.

American’s press release did not provide any details on how to buy tickets for children under age three.

You can buy one ticket for children age 3-12 and up.

The price per person varies, depending on the class, but the family would have to spend $2,350 for the coach seats.

American says that’s not a big deal, given that children can’t sit on the coach seat.

If you buy a group ticket with two people and one adult, you get a total of five children, and the number of children is based on the seats on each of the coach classes.

To book a seat on a connecting flight, you’ll need to call American’s customer service department and ask to book with an adult.

In order to book the tickets for a child who is younger than 3, you need to ask to have a parent or guardian on board.

You can also book a coach seat on American if you have a valid travel waiver, or if you’re a parent who has a travel waiver.

Once you’ve made your purchase, you can book your ticket online through American’s Ticketmaster.

According to the American press release, the family of two will get access to the same amenities as a connecting American ticket, including an airport-style lounge and a food court.

Children ages 3-10 will have the same seat amenities as those in a connecting ticket.