Disney park tickets for April 2018

2,943 Disney park ticket sales for April, 2019 were down from the same time last year.

The parks sales declined 2.5% from last year’s record of 2.9 billion.

While the park sales numbers are down, Disney continues to be one of the largest ticket providers in the world, with more than 4.4 billion tickets sold in 2018.

Here are the top ten parks in terms of attendance for April: Disneyland Park: 2.7 billion Disney California Adventure: 2 billion Universal Studios: 1.9 bilion(Universal Studios Theme Park) Magic Kingdom: 1 billion Walt Disney World: 1 bilion Disney Springs: 1 million Disney Springs Resort: 1,200 Disney Springs Golf Club: 1 thousand(Disney Springs Golf Course) Hollywood Studios: 850,000(Hollywood Gardens) Universal Studios Orlando: 400,000 Magic Kingdom Park: 400K(Magic Kingdom) Walt Disney Studios: 300,000 Disney’s Hollywood Studios: 275K(Walt Disney Studios) Magic Kingdom Vacation Club: 250K(Disney Vacation) Disney Springs: 100K(Star Wars Land) Universal Studios Hollywood: 90K(Universal Pictures) The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Company has continued to deliver record attendance figures for 2018 with more Disney Parks to come.

More information on Disney parks, including the official schedule, is available on the Disney Parks website.