When the Spring Training Ticket Sale Begins: The Biggest Winners and Losers of the 2018 Free Agency Event

A lot of people are going to miss the Spring Trainers this year.

The most notable of these is Bryce Harper.

He’ll miss most of spring training and could miss a ton of games.

That means he’ll be able to be the star in games, but most of those games will likely be games against a pretty good lineup.

If he’s not on the team, Harper will have to be in the starting lineup or on the bench, which means he won’t be able have a huge impact on the outcome of a game.

It also means he’s likely going to be playing a lot less than he did last year.

So, what do the Spring Trains get in return for Harper?

The biggest winners are likely to be Jayson Werth and Chris Carter.

Both have a lot to offer as a hitter and an outfielder.

Both are big, athletic, and talented.

Both also have plenty of holes in their game.

Carter is going to have to put together a lot of innings to be a meaningful regular, but he’s also going to need to be healthy and can make up for his lost time with his play.

Both of these guys have a chance to make the team.

Werth is a little bit older, but Carter is a big-time talent.

Both players have shown they can handle the workload and that they can make a lot out of the situations they find themselves in.

Carter was a star at shortstop and is a pretty well-known commodity in baseball circles.

If they both stay healthy, they have a shot at being the team’s starting shortstop for the entire season.

Werst is an offensive player who has shown that he can play third base and a bit in left field.

He also has some power.

If Werth stays healthy, he’ll make a decent case for a spot on the Opening Day roster.

He might have to wait until the middle of spring before he gets a chance, but there’s a chance that he could end up on the roster before the season starts.

It will be interesting to see what kind of impact Carter has on the Jayson-Chris dynamic, but it seems like the best way to get Carter to the majors is to give him more opportunities.

The biggest losers, obviously, will be Ryan Braun, Brett Gardner, and Ryan Vogelsong.

All of these players were major contributors to the 2016 World Series team and should be back to form this year if they can find a spot in the rotation.

Braun has had a solid spring, but his lack of command and inconsistency could make him a bit of a liability.

He was a very productive hitter last year and should have plenty more value in the upcoming season.

Gardner will have a bit more success this spring.

He’s a very solid hitter who could be a solid everyday player.

Vogelsang was a huge part of the Blue Jays 2015 World Series run and could have a great 2018 season.

He can hit the ball hard and hit it hard consistently.

He should have an even better year in 2018 than he had in 2015.

He could have one of the best years of his career, but that won’t happen if he can’t hit.

Vogersang will be in a lot more trouble this year than he was last year, and he’s going to struggle with the transition from shortstop to third base.

There’s a possibility that he won’s the closer and could be the starting third baseman, but if he’s unable to do that, he will struggle in the role and be unable to carry a team in a major way.

The best thing for Vogelsng is that he’ll likely be able, once again, to show that he’s a guy who can hit and get on base.

He may have to find his way back to shortstop once again and that could mean some time with the Mets, who could use some innings there.

Braun is probably the biggest name that comes to mind as a possible starter in the Jays bullpen, but we’ve already seen that he struggles in the early innings and has a tendency to over-pitch, which could cause problems down the stretch.

Vogel is also a big name in the bullpen and has been one of Toronto’s best relievers this year, but with a couple of poor outings, it’s going be difficult to put a lot stock in his performance.

He has a reputation for not being as effective as other relievers, but at least he’ll have some relief chances this year with more innings.

There are a lot going on in the Blue Jays bullpen, and they’re going to try to figure out what it is that makes them successful.

Hopefully, the Blue Jay’s bullpen will come together in the right way, which will lead to a better outcome for their team. 

The Jays have a ton to offer for free agents, but I’m not sure how much that’s going in their favor.

The Jays have the