What you need to know about the Flights of Fancy

Disney is moving on from the “Flights of Imagination” ride and the Flurry House theme park and moving on to new rides and attractions.

Here are the most notable changes from the original concept.

Guests will enjoy more immersive, interactive storytelling.

Guests on the rides will experience the “stories” of Disney characters and explore more than a dozen new attractions, from an ice skating rink to a pirate ship.

Disney is also adding more interactive elements to the park.

Disney and Imagineering will unveil new attractions that can be accessed by guests with a special pass.

Those attractions include a brand new ride called “The Pirate’s Cove” which has guests exploring the pirate world.

Guests can also see how the Pirates are preparing to sail back to Europe for their winter holidays.

There are also two new nighttime attractions: the Haunted Mansion and Haunted Mansion: Haunted Mansion, the former home of the iconic “Hollywood Ghost” attraction and one of the most iconic attractions in Disney history.

Disney will also introduce a brand-new indoor area called the Pirates Village.

Guests are invited to explore the village, where they can meet characters and collect “pirates” to meet the legendary “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.

Disney said it will offer more interactive storytelling, including more interactive video content for guests to experience.

Guests also can access a new “Pirate Adventure,” an immersive experience that allows guests to ride the Pirates in a special underwater adventure.

“This exciting and immersive experience will provide guests a truly immersive experience of Pirates, where you can visit a unique underwater adventure with a few friends,” Disney said.

Disney has also revamped its “Piracy Bay” ride.

The new ride, which will open in 2018, will feature guests riding on pirate boats to a secret island and then going on a pirate voyage to the Caribbean.

Guests in the “Pirated Adventures” will get a first look at the “The Pirates’ Castle” attraction, a new attraction that is a new version of the pirate castle.

The attraction will offer guests a first glimpse at the Pirates’ home on the island, “The Black Pearl.”

The attraction has been renamed “The Ghost Ship.”

The new attraction will open on July 10, 2019.

Disney says it will expand its “The Adventures of Tintin” theme park.

The ride, set in the fictional Tintagel, will include the Pirates of the Atlantic, which has been transformed into a pirate themed island in the Caribbean Sea.

The Pirates of Tinsley’s Castle will open this fall and is set to feature the Pirates from “The Curse of the Black Pearl” as well as guests of all ages.

Disney plans to add more attractions to the “Tintagels” theme area, which includes the Pirates.

Disney added new pirate themed attractions to its “Disney California Adventure” park this summer.

The park will include a new pirate attraction, “Black Pearl,” that will feature Pirates from the movie “Tangled.”

The ride is scheduled to open in 2019.

The “BlackPearl” ride will open at Disneyland in 2018.