How to get a ticket to the zoo at Dallas zoo

Dallas (CNN) Tickets to the Dallas Zoo are up for grabs after an online ticket auction went live Thursday. 

The auction was posted on a website that allows people to bid on tickets to live events. 

There are three different tiers of tickets available for the Zoo’s annual Big Night, Big Adventure and Big Game, the zoo said on its website. 

For more information, click here. 

Ticketing for the Big Night was going to be limited to 20 people and only $75. 

You can only buy tickets for the event through the zoo’s website and the tickets are sold through Ticketmaster. 

At $75 you can buy tickets to the Big Adventure in 2019 and Big Games in 2020. 

Tickets are $75 for adults and $35 for children, and they come with a one-year pass for admission to the Zoo. 

Here’s how to get tickets:Go to the ticket auction page on the zoo website.

Click on the big ticket button and select “buy tickets.”

You can only select up to 20 tickets per person.

Once you have purchased your tickets, check them out and pay for them with cash or credit card.

If you are unable to purchase tickets, you can submit an online request for a ticket for a discounted rate. 

If you get a hold, you’ll be notified. 

Bid at least $75 to attend the event.

If the price is $75 or more, you get one entry in each of the three Big Nights, Big Adventures and Big GAMES in 2019. 

Follow all of the information on the auction page to bid and be eligible for a discount on your ticket. 

Once you’ve purchased your ticket, go to the website and click on “buy” again. 

Enter the name and email address for your local Ticketmaster customer service agent and then click on the “Submit Bidding” button. 

All tickets are subject to availability. 

This is a live auction, so there may be errors or omissions on the listing, but the information should be correct. 

Do not submit your bids until you’ve made your selection.

If your bid doesn’t match the offer, you may not be able to bid at all.