How to make your own wildcard tickets

The NFL and the Raiders are set to host a wildcard playoff game on January 14, with Oakland hosting Seattle in Oakland and the Green Bay Packers hosting the Los Angeles Rams in Los Angeles.

Here are the best and worst wildcard stadium spots.

There’s no reason the Raiders can’t win this one, but the wildcard game would be the most difficult for them to lose.

The Raiders are 6-5 this season, but they have been outscored by a combined 11 points, so it’s not like the Raiders have a huge home field advantage.

However, Oakland has lost five of its past six games at home.

The Raiders have had trouble against teams with a winning record.

The team has won two games by a total of 20 points or less in the past two seasons.

It’s difficult to see the Raiders winning in Oakland without a miracle of some kind.

If the Raiders win, there is a good chance they’ll get to a playoff game, which would be more likely with a wild card than the regular season.

Here is a look at the best wildcard venues in the NFL.